Mitch Reames

Mitch Reames

Mitch Reames is a freelance writer based in southern Oregon. A 2017 graduate of the University of Oregon school of journalism and communications, Reames covers a wide range of industry topics including creativity, agencies, brands, esports and more.

Why Farmers Insurance Broke the Fourth Wall With Its Catchy Jingle

Farmers data shows that moving music to the front end of an ad maximizes an audience spike.

Kylian Mbappé Shows Why He Could be the Next Face of Nike Soccer in New Spot

The French soccer star just celebrated his 21st birthday but is already considered one of the best players in the world.

Puma’s New $100 Sock Is the Latest Addition to Sports Products Targeted to Gamers

Active Gamer Footwear and Adidas' shoes featuring the Ninja logo are part of a new wave of products in esports.

Michael B. Jordan Joins the Call of Duty League as Esports Investor

Michael B. Jordan joins the Call of Duty League and, for the first time, esports will begin to resemble the home-and-away model of traditional sports.

In New Nike Ad, LeBron James Reflects on Legacy Beyond the Basketball Court

Seventeen years of success and impact on and off the court.

Why Baseball Purists Are Not Happy With Nike’s Swoosh on MLB’s New Jerseys

The sports giant's apparel deal with the MLB begins in 2020, and some fans are up in arms over the changes.

Tim Hortons Taps Into a Touching Memory in New Ad Starring Wayne Gretzky

“The Autograph” is the inspiring, true story based on Gretzky’s first meeting with Horton.

Pringles Created a Ridiculous, Questionably Effective Way to Put Chips in Gamers’ Mouths

The Hunger Hammer is not an engineering marvel, but it is tons of fun.

Meet the McNificients in Dutch Happy Meals, Inspired by Superhero Kids

Meet the McNificients in Dutch Happy Meals

Twitch’s Flourishing Just Chatting Category Entices Brands to the Platform

MAC Cosmetics is among the marketers leveraging its popularity.