Andrew Blustein

Andrew Blustein

Andrew Blustein is a programmatic reporter at Adweek.

Ad-Tech Companies Are Finding Their ‘New Normal’ Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty

The work-from-home life and shrinking marketing budgets has sales people in ad tech searching for new best practices.

Can the Coronavirus Crisis Prompt a Correction in Brand Safety Tactics?

Publishers urge more ingenuity over keyword blacklisting as the pandemic impacts revenue.

Amobee and UM Are Teaming Up to Fill Ad Space With Coronavirus PSAs

The companies want to direct readers to legitimate information and help publishers monetize their sites.

Do Apple’s Updated Developer Guidelines Hint at the Future of Its IDFA?

Changes to Apple's developer guidelines are fueling further speculation around the future of Apple's IDFA and SKAdNetwork.

Former Magna Executive David Cohen Is the New President of IAB

Cohen will also work with the IAB Tech Lab to build out Project Rearc in his new role as IAB president.

Ad-Tech Companies Say They Aren’t Hurting Despite Prevalent Coronavirus Blacklisting

Advertisers don't want to buy against the term "coronavirus." Ad-tech companies aren't feeling the heat quite yet—but publishers are.

Google Debuts Podcast on the Future of Marketing

Google's released the first episode of its 6-show marketing podcast series.

Bustle Digital Group and Rubicon Project Form Tighter Private Marketplace Bond

Rubicon Project is the preferred partner on PMP deals for Bustle Digital Group, which is also embracing Prebid.

Iris.TV Grows Its Contextual Video Marketplace for a Post-Cookie World

Iris.TV and Comscore are partnering as advertisers eye connected TV and look for post-cookie solutions.