Andrew Blustein

Andrew Blustein

Andrew Blustein is a programmatic reporter at Adweek.

Dmexco Will Take Place as a Hybrid In-Person and Digital Conference

The 2020 ad-tech conference will offer both an in-person and digital, app-based experience.

Some Companies Question Dmexco’s Move to Hold Ad Tech’s Biggest Event

Dmexco, ad tech's biggest event, is still planned for September, but many in the industry would rather it be canceled.

LiveRamp Shows Signs of Stability Despite Pullbacks From Struggling Customers

LiveRamp met its full-year earnings forecast, but the company added $3.5 million in bad debt and doled out millions in concessions to hurting clients.

OpenX Courts the Buy Side as Supply Path Optimization Heats Up

OpenX sees growth in the demand-facilitation side of its business just as the pandemic is forcing buyers and sellers to evaluate their supply chains.

Samsung’s Smart TV Inventory Now Available Programmatically

SpotX tapped as the initial monetization partner as linear and digital continue to merge.

Programmatic Ad Spend Down 9% Since Beginning of 2020, Driven by Travel and Auto

Programmatic ad spend is down 9% since the beginning of the year, as travel and auto advertisers–bellwethers of digital advertising–continue to hurt.

With Upfront Ad Dollars Shrinking, CTV Could Bring Much-Needed Flexibility to TV Buying

The coronavirus pandemic has halted upfront season, accelerating the TV industry's embrace of ad tech—but this poses dilemmas.

Integral Ad Science Lays Off Nearly 10% of Its Staff

Integral Ad Science becomes the latest ad-tech company to cut costs as the pandemic continues to cut through the advertising ecosystem.

Twitter Buys Mobile DSP CrossInstall as It Prioritizes Performance Ads

Twitter has bought CrossInstall, a mobile DSP, to boost its performance advertising capabilities and make MoPub more valuable for app developers.

Unlike TV, Almost All Viewers Are Present for Digital Video Ads

Around 99% of people are in front of their digital devices when video ads appear, but they don't have much of an appetite to sit through mid-roll ads.