The Speed of Culture Podcast: Finance Marketing Strategies to Bank On

TD Bank CMO Tyrrell Schmidt on the importance of leveraging customer insights

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TD Bank has always positioned itself as “America’s Most Convenient Bank.” As the financial service space evolves, brands have to keep pace with these changes to meet their customers’ needs. So, how does TD Bank adapt to this ever-changing landscape to keep on its value proposition?

In this episode of the Speed of Culture podcast, Suzy founder and CEO Matt Britton sits down with Tyrrell Schmidt, CMO at TD Bank, to discuss how TD Bank keeps its promise to be “America’s Most Convenient Bank” across generations, the brand’s omnichannel experience for millennials and the importance of leveraging customer insights.

Schmidt is a global leader who has held a variety of marketing and general management positions in the financial services and healthcare industries. She has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and brand building. Before joining TD Bank, Schmidt held multiple senior leadership roles at global companies like Cigna, Standard Chartered Bank and Discover Card.

Learn more about TD Bank’s go-to-market and omnichannel marketing strategies by checking out the key takeaways of this episode below.

Key Takeaways:

  • 03:09 – 04:20 – The financial service space—Though it’s a highly regulated industry with many risks, the financial services industry is an advanced marketing environment with multiple customers and segments. Financial services and marketing constantly evolve and deliver exciting challenges and opportunities.
  • 05:39 – 07:25 – Understanding the consumer’s changing needs – Understanding consumers’ personal banking needs is critical for every financial service brand. It’s not just marketing’s responsibility to deliver on that promise, but every team across the company.
  • 07:25 – 10:00 – Evolving to meet millennial needs – TD Bank is evolving to meet millennial needs by expanding its digital capabilities and creating a seamless, connected and personalized omnichannel experience while maintaining its traditional, approachable stores for customers who prefer face-to-face interactions.
  • 10:00 – 13:09 – Go-to-market strategy – TD Bank focuses on providing ease, value and advice to customers through their go-to-market channels, such as performance-driven, bottom-funnel acquisition channels with a focus on full-funnel marketing, connected TV instead of linear TV and social media platforms like TikTok.