Brave Commerce Podcast: Why You Need to Meet Each Market Where It Is

Cristina Marinucci of Mondelez on marketing in a phygital world

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On this episode of Brave Commerce, Cristina Marinucci, global head of shopper excellence at Mondelez International, gets phygital with hosts Sarah Hofstetter and Rachel Tipograph. 

Phygital is the blending of the digital and physical worlds to create enhanced experiences. Marinucci delves into the best practices for rolling out this omnichannel approach to retail with both customers and internal stakeholders.

In order to grow an omnichannel business, you need cross-functional buy-in. Demonstrating measurability and the halo of digital influence on all sales has helped shift mindsets at Mondelez.

As an international leader, Marinucci also speaks to the need to meet each market where it is and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by less developed markets to test and learn outside of existing infrastructures. 

You will leave this episode with a whole new omnitude and a vocabulary for providing excellent shopping experiences.

Key takeaways:

  • When pitching omnichannel initiatives internally, keep it simple and demonstrate “what’s in it for me” to your audience.
  • Measure not just digital sales but digital influence in order to see the full power of your phygital efforts.
  • Collaboration, whether cross-functional teams or co-creating experiences with retailers, fosters the best omnichannel results.