Brave Commerce Podcast: Building Global Brands Through Retail Media

Kate Crowley and Luke Sebire of Lego on customer loyalty, media mix marketing and upward funnel opportunities

Hosted by AMA Marketing Hall of Fame inductee Antonio Lucio, the Adweek Home / Work podcast breaks down the good, bad, ugly and extraordinary of balancing life and work. Tune in.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, brands could really benefit from some retail media spending advice.

On this episode of Brave Commerce, Kate Crowley, Lego’s senior ecommerce marketing director for Western Europe, and Luke Sebire, Lego’s senior director of global ecommerce, join hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss the opportunities associated with building global brands via retail media. 

During this episode, Crowley and Sebire share the importance of being loyal to consumers, especially during times of economic uncertainty. As they explain, disappointing the customer is never acceptable.

They also talk about the need for brands to view retail media budgeting from both a global and mature market perspective. Retail media should be considered from a deep understanding of the path to purchase. You need to know where to show up for key decision-making moments.

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