Brave Commerce Podcast: Anton Vincent Talks Brand Experience and Consumer Relationships

The Mars Wrigley North America president shares insights on how brands can change lives

Hosted by AMA Marketing Hall of Fame inductee Antonio Lucio, the Adweek Home / Work podcast breaks down the good, bad, ugly and extraordinary of balancing life and work. Tune in.

On this weeks episode of Brave Commerce, Anton Vincent, president of Mars Wrigley, North America, joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss empathy in customer experiences. Brand experiences can help consumers create emotional attachment with their favorite products. This attachment can help brands transition their consumers to supporters of the overall brand. 

In this episode, Vincent shares his views on why he believes brands must consider how they can affect people’s lives. Specifically, he mentions the sustainability journey Mars is on and their progress regarding wastewater treatments and packaging.

Moreover, Vincent shares examples of how he and his company go beyond product marketing by focusing on consumer relationships. He juxtaposes the “consumer relationship” with the “customer relationship,” speaking on the importance of creating an experience for the consumer. He then shares a personal experience when he truly understood the consumer and had compassion for them. 

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