Boy Smells Fires Up a First for Pride Month: the Nonbinary Scented Candle

Masculine and feminine scents mixed together? Now that's a whole other ball of wax

Boasting a diversity of colors and scents, Boy Smells' Pride collection is designed to appeal to everybody of every gender. Boy Smells

Like most adult consumers, Matthew Herman has shopped the aisles of personal-care products for years. And like any other male consumer, he’d naturally find himself looking at shampoos and shave creams geared toward men. But there was something about the experience that troubled him—a question, actually: Why do body products for guys nearly always smell like the deep woods? And why, for that matter, do ones made for women almost invariably smell like flower gardens? Over time, Herman decided that the sort of gender typifying that so many brands do was ripe for a bit of disruption. After all, no man wants to smell like leather, pepper and pine all the time.

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