Ziibii Flows on the iPhone

Zumobi, which has partnered with Mountain Dew and Lenovo for past mobile applications, this week launched Ziibii. Available for free at the iPhone App Store, Ziibii is a social media application designed to include advertising.

Users who download the application can employ it to aggregate content from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and RSS feeds. The content can then be viewed as rafts floating down a river. (The rafts are shaped like pieces from the game Battleship.) Or, the content can be viewed in more traditional list form.

The application is being marketed as “Ziibii: A river of friends, photos and feeds.” Ziibii is native American for river.

Zumobi, formerly known as Zen Zui, is a mobile technology company based in Seattle that was spun off from Microsoft three years ago. It allows consumers to organize their favorite mobile widgets. Clients include Capital One, Amazon.com and MTV. Zumobi and Ziibii are fully compatible with one another on the iPhone.

“The applications are respectful to the consumer’s user experience,” said John SanGiovanni, cofounder of Zumobi. He noted more than 1 billion  applications will likely be downloaded for the iPhone in half the time it took for the iPod to hit the 1 billion music download mark.

“Surprisingly there seems to very little happening in the app store in terms of ad-sponsored content,” said SanGiovanni.