Zentropy Updates CitationShares Site

NEW YORK Zentropy Partners has redesigned the Web site for CitationShares, adding several tools to help prospective customers understand fractional jet ownership.

The new site (www.citationshares.com) features an overview and informational video about the Greenwich, Conn.-based company, a joint venture of Cessna Aircraft Company and TAG Aviation USA that offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to buy a fraction of a private jet.

It also includes 360-degree views of the plane interiors and a baggage capacity demonstration. One tool lets users input typical travel information to receive recommendations on specific plane models and another allows users to compare plane specifications and program costs to competitors.

CitationShares tapped the Los Angeles-based interactive shop, a part of McCann-Erickson WorldGroup’s MRM Partners Worldwide, about 18 months ago as a part of an effort to increase qualified sales leads from the Web site, according to Zentropy executive vice president, worldwide managing director Steve Woolford. The Greenwich, Conn.-based client initially invited Zentropy to pitch ideas based on its ties to McCann-Erickson, which handles the company’s offline advertising, he said.

A print campaign from Interpublic Group’s McCann in New York directs people to the Web site. The ads, which picture the jets, make statements like, “Private jet travel makes a lot of sense. Overpaying for it doesn’t” and “Fly on the private jets that don’t take you for a ride.” The tag: “Making private practical.”