Yum, Yum?

It’s a holiday fact that many folks just don’t enjoy fruitcake. But during the holiday season, a great deal of people love sending the stuff to friends and family.

So how could you conceivably have your cake and not eat it, too?

John Follis, president/creative director of Follis Advertising in New York, last week began e-mailing cybercards that feature the tempting treats to clients, associates and members of the media, among others.

Inside each e-card, the image of a brown fruitcake—dotted with green candied fruits and nuts—appears. “The nice thing about getting this fruitcake is that you can’t eat it,” notes the card. “Happy Holidays from Follis.”

While Follis explained “the idea was to spread some holiday cheer,” he deliberately gave the image a moldy greenish tint. (“I didn’t want it to look that appetizing,” he said.) And few respondents were fruitcake connoisseurs. One client, he noted, said the only problem was that it couldn’t be used as a doorstop.

Follis is no stranger to wacky e-mails. This past Halloween, he devised a “downloadable Hallo ween mask” that consisted of his shop’s logo—a pair of eyes. “I like making people laugh, especially these days,” he said. “This business is all about staying in touch with people, connecting.”