Y&R Print Defines Computer Associates

NEW YORK Young & Rubicam this week launches a global campaign for Computer Associates that positions the company’s specialty software as the means to getting the most out of a network computer system.

Software spells the difference between a “reactive” or “proactive” system, one print spread suggests. Another spread likens the choice to “chaos” or “order.” And to underscore the point that software drives machine performance, the contrary words cover identical photos of computer rooms.

“It’s sort of a visual pun,” explained Tata Sato, senior partner, brand planning at WPP’s Y&R in New York. “Physical components don’t change. It’s the software that really makes the difference.”

That message is meant to empower CA’s end-users, defined as corporate decision-makers at companies of all sizes, said Sato. Nancy Bhagat, chief marketing officer at the client, believes the approach will distinguish CA from “other companies [that] say, ‘It’s so hard, you need to let us do it.'”

In addition to print spreads and inserts, the campaign features billboards, airport posters, radio and Web ads. The effort, which will roll out across 30 countries, launches on Thursday with an eight-page spread in The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

The Islandia, N.Y.-based CA did not disclose the ad budget. The company spent more than $50 million in domestic measured media last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.