Your Time Is Our Time

Wray Ward Laseter, Charlotte, N.C., has turned the much-dreaded task of filling out client time sheets into some positive national exposure.
Doubling its gross income in the last three years, WWL has grown bigger and busier. And, much to the chagrin of the agency’s number crunchers, time sheets were coming in later and later.
Instead of coming down hard on its employees, management decided, “Let’s make it fun,” said WWL president Jim Laseter.
The result: a trio of humorous all-type posters created by executive creative director Jennifer Appleby and senior copywriter Tom Cocke. “Please God, don’t force the accounting department to be creative,” pleads one headline. Another challenges staffers: “You always say you work your ass off. Prove it.”
Laseter said the in-house campaign has motivated most WWL staffers to turn in their time sheets daily. Not only that, the work will be featured in the upcoming Creativity 1997 annual.
Successful as the posters are, WWL plans to produce additional executions, just to keep the idea fresh in its target market’s memories.
-Katy Eckmann