You Can’t Say The Boss Is Lacking In Confidence

The cheerful news: 92 percent of managers believe they are excellent or at least good in the role of boss. The less-cheerful news, drawn from the same Rasmussen Reports poll for the Hudson professional-staffing firm: Significantly fewer workers (67 percent) think their manager is excellent or good in that role, although just 10 percent think he or she is downright bad at it. Respondents who are in the managerial ranks themselves are less critical of the person to whom they report, with 73 percent rating their boss as excellent or good. It’s not as if most respondents are eager to seize the reins themselves. Even among those who think they’d be offered the job if their boss left, just 54 percent would want it. And among those who are already managers, the figure is a non-landslide 62 percent. It’s slightly higher (65 percent) among respondents who make $75,000-plus. Overall, men were more likely than women to covet their manager’s job (60 percent vs. 43 percent).