Yellow Pages Appeals to Planners

The Martin Agency’s new branding campaign for the Yellow Pages Publisher’s Association positions the familiar book as a powerful and strategic media buy.

“We want to make sure media decision makers factor in the power of the Yellow Pages when they plan their spending,” said John A. Greco, president and chief executive officer of the association.

The Richmond, Va., agency’s print advertising, which is appearing in trade magazines such as Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek, Brand Marketing and Agency, broke last week.

The YPPA claims its directories are found in 98 percent of all homes and are referred to 15.6 billion times a year, a statistic that makes “hits” on even the hottest e-commerce sites pale in comparison. Nine of out 10 Yellow Pages searches are said to lead to a sale.

In one ad, a jar of pickles sits on a page listing obstetricians. In another, the Slim-Fast online logo and a measuring tape are shown under the listings for “Zippers-Repair.”

“These juxtapositions were fun to play with,” said Martin copywriter Valerie Foley. “It all depends on the attitude of your brand. A more outrageous brand might choose a more outrageous placement.”