With its jazzy
camera angles, quick cuts and product secrecy, BBDO Minneapolis’ newest TV spot looks and sounds like a traditional ad for an automaker.
But when the fluttering cloth hiding the car finally is pulled off, the spot reveals itself to be a pitch for the “all new” 1998 Hormel Chili with Beans being enjoyed by the model in the front seat.
The spot, which is the first in a $15 million marketing push for Hormel’s reformulated chili, intentionally parodies the seriousness of most car ads, complete with a disclaimer superimposed on the food shot stating, “Peppers and onions sold separately.”
“We asked ourselves, ‘Who does new bigger, better and more often than anyone?’ The answer was obvious: new cars,” said BBDO copywriter Dave Alm. To achieve the desired effect, the agency enlisted director Justin Klarenbeck, who has worked on several
car spots. –Aaron Baar