Yanni, How I Love Ya

From “a Yanni standpoint, it’s something that’s never been done,” assures Wayne Karls, creative director at 2-Creative.
He’s speaking of a 12-page, full-color catalog the Minneapolis agency designed featuring products bearing the face, voice, signature or approval of international megastar Yanni. From concert videos and T-shirts to a mousepad, all 25 products in the catalog were approved by the flowing-tressed New Age artist and “reflect the same attention to detail, quality and beauty that Yanni puts into his music,” Karls said.
The look and feel of the catalog–which Karls said took a year to develop–were inspired by Yanni’s recently completed world tour that included a performance at the Taj Mahal and China’s Forbidden City.
Although 2-Creative has been on the Minneapolis creative scene since 1993, Karls said he hopes the catalog’s “international appeal” will lift the agency from obscurity.
However, enticing as the merchandise may be, the catalog’s first mailing will be sent only to the 110,000 members of Yanni’s fan club.
–Aaron Baar

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