Yamaha “Corners”

As the recession goes on (and on and on), brands will struggle to devise fresh ways of inviting us to economize without feeling like skinflints. Let us tip our motorcycle helmets to Yamaha (via agency Marshall Advertising & Design of Costa Mesa, Calif.) for coming up with one in the headline here: “Own the corners. Without cutting any.” The body copy offers a less appealing variation on the theme when it opens by saying, “Don’t compromise. Optimize – with the all-new FZSR.” It’s hard these days to encounter the word “optimize” (notwithstanding its rhyme with “compromise”) without feeling you’re at an excruciating meeting at your office, where the previous strategy for optimizing everything is being replaced by a new strategy for doing so. That quibble aside, the message (complete with photo of admiring woman on the left-hand side of the visual) seems well-calculated to resonate with young guys who want to own a sport bike despite the rough economy – or, as the copy here says, “with minimum wear on your wallet.” -Mark Dolliver