“Talk is cheap,” goes the old adage. But in the case of two new ads for U.S. Cellular, that’s not the only thing that could lead folks to take notice.

The print ads, part of a retail-oriented campaign by Korey Kay & Partners in New York, broke earlier this month for the Chi cago-based wireless telecommunications provider. The work, which details some of the company’s new promotions, also seeks to give it a friendly “personality,” said Rob Hofferman, agency vp, account director.

At the top of both ads is the line, “If this is not the right plan for you, we will gladly come up with another.” One ad reads, “$28.95/mo. includes nationwide long distance. Not to mention 320 minutes of yakking.” The other ad remarks, “2500 minutes for $19.99. 2500 minutes for $19.99. At these rates, you can afford to repeat yourself.”

Both ads tout phones available for purchase with the service agreements offered, along with the tagline, “We connect with you.”

“Everything in the wireless industry is very price-driven,” said Hofferman, noting the shop wanted to differentiate the client by giving a casual, personable flavor to the work.

The ads are running in local newspapers in select U.S. markets.