Yahoo Finance Upgrades

NEW YORK Yahoo Finance has launched a new personal finance channel aimed at average investors, home buyers and pretty much anyone seeking help managing their money.

The channel enhances content areas that have long been Yahoo Finance staples, such as retirement, insurance and home loans, but organizes the information in a more intuitive, functional package, said Yahoo officials.

While Yahoo Finance runs neck-and-neck with MSN Money for the lead in monthly audience size, the site has built its reputation as a highly functional platform for sophisticated investors and professionals.

Going forward, the channel will look to broaden the site’s appeal with articles that tackle subjects such as how best to prepare to sell your home during winter months. “The thinking was, we’ve got this great scale, what else can we do?” said Yahoo Finance general manager Peggy White.

On that front, the site has created nine resource centers, focused on areas like taxes or education, along with a wide variety of financial calculators. And in typical Yahoo fashion, its personal finance channel aggregates content from multiple partners, including The Motley Fool and Smart Money, while also enabling user-generated content.

Officials at Yahoo said advertising on the new channel is sold out through the first quarter.