Yahoo! Creates Exclusive Effort for ‘New Yorker’

NEW YORK Yahoo! is making its first attempt at customizing a campaign for a specific publication with a series of contextual ads set to break in the Oct. 6 issue of The New Yorker.

The effort, which will highlight various Yahoo! properties, will reflect the look and tone of the “Goings On About Town” section of the Conde Nast weekly magazine.

Text-only ads running under the theater heading of that section, for instance, will carry copy such as, “Break a Leg? Yahoo! Health,” or “Get Your Own Tony … Yahoo! Personals.” Another ad for the Web portal’s personals will read, “Harvard Symbologist seeks Mona Lisa”—a fitting reference to The Da Vinci Code that will appear in the magazine’s books section.

The relationship between the 78-year-old publication and 9-year-old Sunnyvale, Calif.-based new media company was struck after a conversation between The New Yorker publisher David Carey and Yahoo! vice president of brand marketing Murray Gaylord, acknowledging the changing media landscape and need to conceive innovative ideas. “We’re always looking for innovative things that we haven’t done before,” said Gaylord, referencing the Internet-connected Times Square billboard that featured live searches this summer from Yahoo! “If it hasn’t been done, we’re sure going to look at it.”

Gaylord said The New Yorker‘s affluent audience was a good fit for Yahoo!, citing research that indicated a high percentage of the magazine’s readers use the Web portal. Also, a significant number of the publication’s 958,179 subscribers reside outside of New York, he added.

About 100 executions have been created by Yahoo!’s IDEA Group. Other ads highlighting Yahoo!’s search, real estate and Web-hosting offerings will appear under the headings of antiques, books and dance in “Goings On About Town.”

The budget for the effort, which will run into 2004, was not disclosed. Yahoo! has no other campaigns customized for specific publications planned at this time, said Gaylord.