DALLAS Yaffe|Deutser launches an image campaign this week for Memorial Hermann Healthcare System.

The Houston agency won the account of the nonprofit healthcare provider in April 2002. Brad Deutser, president of the shop, attributes the win to the relationship he established when he worked at Houston’s Sachnowitz & Company, the client’s previous agency.

Deutser said the client, which has not supported an image campaign in several years, is looking to establish a brand that will take it through the next five to ten years. Designed to build awareness and highlight the client’s seven clinical service areas, the campaign will continue to build upon the existing positioning of “For your whole life.”

The initial phase of the campaign consists of three commercials, each of which focuses children, women or men. Each spot is meant to represent a different healthcare perspective and show that treatment and recovery is not only available, but also possible.

“A Child’s Life” opens with children playing in a scenic neighborhood playground. As the camera zooms across the playground, each child’s name and health-related issue is revealed. A voiceover says, “It’s a child’s life—full of wonder and endless potential. In them, we see the extraordinary. The boundless opportunity of lives yet lived. And while we do everything we can to keep them healthy, life has a way of happening. And Memorial Hermann is there. With a dedicated children’s hospital and a patient-centric approach to medicine, we’re more than a healthcare system. We’re your source for hope and healing.”

The spot ends with a wide shot of the playground and the tagline, “Memorial Hermann. For your whole life.” The women’s and men’s spots follow the same format, showing the medical connections people have𠅔whether they know it or not.

The campaign will include 11 TV spots as well as radio, print and outdoor components. Deutser said the remaining eight commercials would break after Jan. 1 and focus on the personal recoveries of eight of the main characters previously introduced.

Billings for Houston-based Memorial Hermann Healthcare System are undisclosed.