Xbox Menu Serves Chicken

NEW YORK Crispin Porter + Bogusky preparing to test its ad characters’ pop-culture appeal by taking them from commercials into video games.

Burger King said next month it would begin selling Xbox video games revolving around CP+B-created characters. The “Big Bumpin'” game features the King, his love interest Brooke Burke and the Subservient Chicken. Fans who plunk down $3.99 (plus purchase of a meal) can navigate a bumper car through five different theme parks with hazards and “challenging scenarios.”

Burger King is selling two other titles, “Pocketbike Racer” and “Sneak King.” In the latter, users take on The King’s persona to surprise hungry bystanders with BK meals. In “Racer,” the King leads a mini motorcycle gang through various courses.

Burger King tapped Blitz Games for the initiative. MDC Partners’ CP+B handled creative direction for the games.

“We and Microsoft felt the King had enough pop culture status to pull this off,” a client representative said.

The initiative is Burger King’s most aggressive move into video games. It has run in-game placements in “Need for Speed,” and the King appeared as a fight promoter in “Fight Night 3.”

The company rep said game development took “under 10 months.”

Burger King is backing up the game launch with a TV, print, in-store and online campaign. The fast-food chain is also sponsoring the MTVU Gamorz Ball campus video game tour that kicks off Oct. 24.

All three games have options for play on the Xbox Live platform, which lets participants play against another online. A client rep said the company has not decided if it will use the platform to send users’ offers.