X Marks the Spot in Y&R’s Latest for Jaguar

LOS ANGELES Jaguar has unveiled a national campaign touting the all-wheel drive feature of its 2004 X-Type.

Created by the Irvine, Calif., office of Young & Rubicam, the campaign includes television, print, outdoor, digital and direct marketing efforts. It retains the “Born to perform” tagline and introduces a communications platform that expresses the notion that the vehicle is “Born with” engineering features (in this case, permanent all-wheel drive) and “Lives for” thrilling driving moments.

One TV spot, “Tunnel,” which is cut in 30- and 60-second versions, evokes the mood of an espionage film. It shows a man in a European city walking towards his Jaguar with a file folder tucked under his arm. He gets in the car and zips down a narrow cobblestone road, immediately followed by several police cars. As he heads out of the city and navigates a snow-covered mountain pass, one of the police cars skids out of control. Text at the bottom of the screen reads, “Born with: Permanent all-wheel drive.” The Jaguar enters a tunnel and the scene shifts to the tunnel’s exit, where only the police vehicles emerge. Inside the tunnel, the car clings to the roof of the underpass. “Lives for: Supernatural grip,” appears as text.

A second ad, “Grip,” has a man driving a car over snowy roads, surrounded by mountains. He gets out of the car and immediately slips, falling to the ground. Onscreen text is, “Lives for: Holding its ground.”

In a third spot, “Tag,” a guy carrying a cooler walks across the snow and gets into his Jaguar. He drives down a snowy road and into a city, where a man and woman are seated at an outdoor cafe. The guy, who is clearly a prankster, rolls down his window and hits the seated man in the head with a snowball. “Lives for: Missions accomplished” is the onscreen copy.

“We needed to try to come up with a way to present the brand that can be globally appropriate,” said John Doyle, executive vice president and executive creative director at Young & Rubicam in Irvine. “It’s understood that Jaguar is a beautiful vehicle. Our task is to reveal the inner attributes and compelling technology.” In addition, the shop wanted to “inject the brand with more personality,” he said.

The spots, which were shot in Germany and Austria, were also modified to contain a dealer message. Ads are running during national cable programs such as E! True Hollywood Story, ESPN SportsCenter, Food Network’s Emeril Live and A&E American Justice, as well as on local network television during shows such as CSI, Survivor and Saturday Night Live.

Movie theater versions of some spots will play in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco.

Five magazine executions also use the “Born with, lives for” positioning, launched last week. The ads are appearing in magazines like Fast Company, Wired, Fortune and Vanity Fair, as well as in dailies such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

The “Born with, lives for,” positioning will be used in ads for other Jaguar models, the agency said. New spots for the XJ model are expected to break mid-March, supported by print, radio and outdoor elements. Jaguar S-Type ads will break later this year. Media spending was undisclosed but is expected to be on par with the $40 million-plus Jaguar spent on ads for those models last year.