WWL Breaks Campaign for Rack Room Shoes

ATLANTA Wray Ward Laseter this month released its first print and broadcast work for Rack Room Shoes, according to the shop.

The Charlotte, N.C., agency said that its print campaign features actual Rack Room customers who submitted photos in a nationwide search for shoe models. People chosen by WWL from more than 1,200 entries will appear in newspaper inserts, in-store signage and on the Rack Room Web site.

“We incorporated public relations and additional marketing tactics to provide creative marketing solutions to support Rack Room’s continuing growth,” said Jennifer Appleby, president and chief creative officer at WWL. “The launch of the print campaign was just the beginning of an integrated communications program for the client.”

WWL also developed a 30-second television commercial for the Charlotte-based client. In “Bug,” a child calls to his mother to dispose of an insect that has interrupted his play. The woman comes to the child’s rescue, but hesitates before killing the bug. She takes off her shoe and stomps the intruder with her bare foot. A voiceover says, “Rack Room’s buy one, get one half-off sale, for people who really love shoes.”

The spot, currently on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox stations in cities such as San Antonio; Dallas; Birmingham, Ala.; Atlanta; Knoxville, Tenn.; and Charlotte, will air throughout the spring. Print ads will run through December and are expected to reach up to 9 million readers in selected markets, the shop said.

Rack Room Shoes operates more than 300 stores in 24 states, primarily in the Southeast, mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southwest.

Rack Room Shoes spent $1 million on advertising in 2003, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.