A mystery of sorts begins unraveling next week on a billboard above the eastbound lanes of the Massachusetts Turnpike, not far from the campus of Boston’s Museum of Science.

On Nov. 8, the 48-foot wide by 20-foot high display—a local landmark crowned by the museum’s logo—will be draped entirely in cloth. The material will be removed in stages through Nov. 19, revealing, mummy-style, an ad for “The Quest for Immortality: Treasuresof Ancient Egypt.” That exhibit opens at the museum on Nov. 20 and runs through next March.

“Bigger than Tut. Bigger than all of us, really,” reads the text that will ultimately be uncovered. The board will also depict an intriguing Egyptian artifact: an expressive golden head with large eyes and ears and a benevolent smile.

The billboard was conceived by the Museum of Science’s longtime ad agency, Boston’s Gearon Hoffman. Doug Goransson and Dick Davis served as creative directors; Rachel Houk Seeger handled art direction, with Chris Castagnola writing copy.