Wrap artists

It wasn’t planned, but Kaiser Marketing, a 38-person shop in Los Angeles, may well be the only ad agency with its own in-house plastic-wrap division.

It started when Ian Kaiser and his business partner, Sean Neiberger, developed a plastic wrap that does not have the hacksaw-type cutting blade. The product, called ZipSafe, uses a little device that zips across a narrow track to trim the plastic.

Ian’s father, Michael Kaiser, founder of Kaiser Marketing and an adman for 30 years, knew his son’s product would appeal to anyone who has sliced a finger while wrapping leftovers. He also knows how tough it is to elbow your way into an established category.

The elder Kaiser gave the two partners office space in his shop and is now walking them through the process of marketing a new product. He’s convinced they’re onto something big—if they do it right.

“It’s such a nifty product,” he said. “I always wanted to get into product development.”

Although Kaiser says his son has already been ripped off and lied to, success may be on the horizon. “This will literally change the face of plastic wrap,” he says.