For World Gym, The Naked Truth

To air or not to air? World Gym didn’t even think it was a question.
Client executives thought their provocative new TV spots–featuring total nudity–would make their New York debut last Monday. After all, World Gym thought, Time Warner Cable of New York had approved the three ads featuring nude models doing everyday things, such as walking over the Brooklyn Bridge (shown here), waiting for a bus and hailing a cab.
The models, whose fit, naked bodies demonstrate that the gym makes “you feel more comfortable around others,” were not seen by those watching the U.S. Open tennis tournament Monday night. That’s because Time Warner nixed them, said a gym representative.
Not so, countered Time Warner Cable. A representative said that after viewing the ads, Time Warner asked for changes.
World Gym didn’t have enough time to make them, said Karen Wong, World Gym vice president of operations in New York. “We received approval at every step of the way.”
Time Warner’s response: “They knew the policy all along.” –Jennifer Comiteau