Work Is the Choice of Saxon Capital

ATLANTA Home mortgage lender Saxon Capital said it has chosen Work as its lead agency.

The Richmond, Va., shop prevailed in a review against local rivals Siddall, Flashpoint, Edelmann Scott, Neathawk Dubuque, JHI and Barber Martin, sources said. There was no incumbent.

Billings are $2-5 million.

“Work is a unique company that we believe is well suited for today’s business realities,” said Saxon president Dennis Stowe, citing the agency’s track record in the financial services category.

Work, a member of Ogilvy & Mather’s Syndicate, a consortium of creative shops, will handle creative and media buying for two of the client’s Glen Allen, Va., subsidiaries. The shop will target businesses with print and online advertising for wholesaler Saxon Mortgage. Efforts for America’s MoneyLine will be aimed at consumers via online ads and in-branch print for the company’s twenty U.S. locations. Ads will launch in April.