Woo’s New Kick

Action film director John Woo uses his signature quick-cut, multi-camera style in his debut TV campaign for Nike.
Called “Airport ’98,” the global campaign, which includes TV and print components, features players from the Nike-sponsored Brazilian soccer team and launches the company’s new soccer shoe, the Mercurial.
The TV campaign from Wieden & Kennedy/Amsterdam, which consists of one 90-second spot (shown here) cut into five elaborate executions, broke late last month.
The almost wordless ads show the players bored and restless in an airport, waiting to go to the World Cup. One pulls a soccer ball from his luggage and a match soon begins. The players take turns dribbling and kicking the ball around the terminal, dodging passengers and security guards. The ball even passes through an X-ray machine. The game concludes when a player kicks the ball toward what appears to be a goal, only to hit a metal stand that looks like a goalpost. The tag is simply, “Nike.” — Angela Dawson