‘Women’s Health’ Rights Wrongs

NEW YORK Women’s Health positions itself as a friendly presence on a newsstand packed with “mean magazines” in a 60-second cinema spot tagged, “It’s good to be you,” from Margeotes Fertitta Powell.

In the spot, a haughty cover model tells a woman, “With those thighs, you should be walking to work.” Other magazines chip away at her with lines like, “He’s never going to call . . . You’re needy,” and discourage her from enjoying her side of French fries with a judgmental, “It’s your body.” A cacophonous chorus of put-downs comes as she passes a newsstand, with cover models telling her, “You’re bad in bed,” and asking, “Who dressed you?”

Finally, she arrives home, her self-esteem buoyed by the positive messages on the cover of the latest issue of Women’s Health. A voiceover concludes, “Instead of telling you what’s wrong, we celebrate what’s right. Because you like who you are and so do we.” The onscreen tagline: “It’s good to be you.”

“The content of the magazine is served up in a very different way than most,” said Neil Powell, CCO of the MDC Partners shop in New York. “It is a very positive outlook on health and fitness. It doesn’t make you feel that you’ve been doing things wrong.”

The spot will run in movie theaters in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. The “It’s good to be you” tag has also been adopted for use on the magazine’s front cover, Powell said. While the current effort eschews print for the consumer portion of the campaign, Women’s Health ran ads in the trade press earlier this year, Powell said.