Women Especially

Judging from what we see on the screen, TV programmers are convinced that sex and violence will bring in viewers. But the public at large persists in saying there’s too much of that sort of thing on the tube. In a national poll by Family Circle, 78 percent of adults said they’re concerned about the amount of violent imagery in the media;67 percent said the same about the amount of sexual imagery. Indeed, 63 percent said TV is becoming “obscene.” Men are less likely than women to say the amount of sex on TV has increased in the past few years (58 percent vs. 79 percent), perhaps because men are more apt to enjoy such material (47 percent vs. 15 percent). At the same time, fewer men than women (68 percent vs. 87 percent) express concern about the amount of violent content on TV. Raunchy television is especially vexing for parents, who don’t always feel able to shield their kids from inappropriate programming (see the chart below). In all, 63 percent of the parents polled said they “always supervise and limit what kids are exposed to,” while another 28 percent said they “sometimes” do so. As you might expect, mothers are more protective than fathers on this front. Finally, 83 percent of all respondents said they’d like to see the TV networks offer a “raunch-free hour” of shows on weekdays between 8 and 9 p.m.