WNBA’s Sting Signs Wray Ward Laseter

ATLANTA Wray Ward Laseter said it has been tapped by the Women’s National Basketball Association’s Charlotte Sting to develop advertising and public relations initiatives.

The Charlotte, N.C., shop has already developed marketing materials for the client that include print ads and interactive efforts. Its initial work launched earlier this month to coincide with the start of the new WNBA season, according to WWL.

Beth Doughty, public relations account manager at WWL, said that the goal of the campaign is informing Charlotte residents about the passion and talent the Sting players bring to women’s professional basketball.

“The Charlotte Sting has an exciting record of success on the court and has been one of our city’s best sources for family entertainment for almost a decade,” added Jennifer Appleby, agency president and chief creative officer.

WWL has designed a print piece that features Sting player Nicole Powell. Copy reads, “Go ahead call me a rookie. I dare you. I guarantee you won’t make that same mistake twice.” The ad is one of two that will launch later this year in local publications, according to the shop.

Kelly Chopus, vice president of business operations for the Charlotte Sting, said that it chose WWL as its agency based on the team’s synergy with the shop, as well as its successful relationship with the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, owns both teams.

Billings were not disclosed.

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