Winkler Gets a Taste of Wines on Paterno’s List

Shop Crafts Print Ad for Glass Mountain, Picks Up 2 More Brands
SAN FRANCISCO–Winkler Advertising encourages wine drinkers to discover Paterno Imports’ Glass Mountain brand in a new national print campaign breaking in October issues of Food & Wine and LA Magazine.
The ad features a painted outline of an open oyster, revealing a Merlot-colored ring left by the bottom of a wine bottle or glass. The text reads, “750 milliliters each patiently waiting to be discovered.” The tagline, “Find it. Taste it. Share it,” appears below the Glass Mountain name.
The ad is Winkler’s first for Lake Bluff, Ill.-based Paterno Imports, which awarded the assignment for the St. Helena, Calif., wine to the San Francisco shop earlier this year.
“Wines and spirits is a category we’ve been wanting to break into for some time,” said Pat Marcoccia, partner and executive creative director at Winkler. “We sent a proposal to [Paterno], and they decided to give us a shot.”
Paterno recently expanded Winkler’s duties to include another California label, Markham, and an imported Italian wine, Santa Margherita. Combined billings for the three brands are estimated at $1-2 million.
“We chose Winkler for Glass Mountain because of the great creative work they had done for clients in other categories,” said Kimberly Allen Hack, executive director of marketing for Paterno Imports. “It was an easy decision to ask them to take on the other labels.”
Marcoccia said Winkler is developing another print ad as well as “in-store efforts” such as menu cards for the Glass Mountain brand.
“We are looking to reach consumers who may have less wine knowledge than [so-called] wine snobs [and] are looking to try a good, inexpensive wine,” said Kim Kline, account director at Winkler. Paterno Imports’ brands typically cost around $10 a bottle, she added.