wild kingdom

Plagued by cutbacks in the Massachusetts state budget, Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo is searching for alternative ways to make money. One obvious solution: bring more people into the park.

Print and outdoor ads, crafted by high-school-age interns at Boston’s Digitas, focus on doing just that.

“The kids had to come up with a number of marketing approaches to help gain awareness of the zoo and increase its membership,” said Tom Penque, agencyvp, associate director and coordinator of the program.

One execution, “Release Your Inner Monkey,” shows a drawing of a monkey in a suit, carrying a briefcase. Text reads, “Take a walk on the wild side.”

Another ad, featuring an illustration of a bird, states, “Members fly right through,” referring to membership benefits such as discounts to more than 100 zoos nationwide, members-only events and exhibit previews.

At press time, the zoo had not disclosed when the advertising would break.