Why Coffeemaker Lavazza Has 150 Andre Agassi Clones Roaming the Streets of New York

Celebrating his U.S. Open return

It's been a decade since tennis star Andre Agassi set foot at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Today, as part of his new partnership with Italian coffeemaker Lavazza, Agassi is returning—with 150 "clones" in tow.

This evening, between the first and second match at Arthur Ashe Stadium, the tennis champ will enter the stadium again, and he won't be alone. He'll have 150 "clones," all decked out in his signature '80s garb, complete with a neon pink headband wrapped around his iconic mullet, with him for a performance of sorts before Agassi's new ad for Lavazza premieres. 

Throughout the day, to create excitement about Agassi's return, the coffeemaker is dispatching the Agassi "clones" throughout New York City, starting in Union Square and making their way to the High Line.

"It's like a flash mob, something to get people interested in what we're doing," said Marco Lavazza, vice chairman of Lavazza.

Agassi, who now serves as the coffeemaker's tennis spokesman, won't be playing tennis as part of his return to the court. Instead the initiative is part of a charitable push from the brand.

"He's back to give back with his charitable initiative," said Lavazza. "Every coffee we're going to sell at the U.S. Open, we're going to donate one dollar to the [USTA Foundation to benefit the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education]." 

The money raised during the U.S. Open will be sent to the foundation's college readiness program "Summer of a Lifetime" at the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy school in Nevada. The funds will also be used to assist the students with college tuition. 

As part of his new partnership with the brand, Agassi will be part of promotions and make personal appearances at the Grand Slams: the Australian Open in Melbourne, Roland Garros in Paris and Wimbledon in London. He'll also appear at some regional tournaments that Lavazza is present at, including the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells (Calif.), the Mercedes Cup at Stuttgart (Germany) and the Rogers Cup in Toronto. 


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