Who Do You Trust?

No wonder Americans are wary of political advertising. In a GfK Custom Research report published this month, politicians ranked dead last — right behind ad people — when respondents were asked whether they trust the practitioners of various professions. Just 21 percent said they find politicians trustworthy, putting those miscreants a bit lower in public esteem than advertising people (24 percent) and marketers (27 percent).

Atop the trustworthy standings were firemen (95 percent), followed by military personnel (85 percent), doctors (83 percent) and schoolteachers (83 percent). Bankers had the biggest decline in their trustworthy tally since last year, from 63 percent then to 44 percent this time. “Managers of large enterprises” suffered a downturn in their already lackluster rating, with the number of respondents trusting them falling from 34 percent last year to 27 percent in this year’s poll (fielded in February and March).