white collared

The creatives at
DDB Chicago are old hands at pushing beer and burgers. Now, through a relationship with the Archdiocese of Lake and Cook counties in Illinois, the agency will try a much harder sell: leading young men to a life of celibacy and faith.
Perhaps no ad the shop has written contains a boast as bold as one that started appearing in print last week: “If you’re waiting for a sign from God, this is it.”
“As the cardinal said, ‘This’ll make it memorable,’ ” said John Greening, a managing partner at the agency. “We wanted to make it relevant and fun.”
Print ads and posters asking young men to “Consider the priesthood” broke on Ash Wednesday, with a concurrent TV campaign that is essentially the print work in video form. Other headlines are “Maximize your potential. Minimize your wardrobe,” and “Yes, you will combat evil. No, you don’t get to wear a cape.”
“This is a move to get people thinking about vocation,” Greening said. Catholic leaders who viewed the campaign said it will show, “We are a fun group. We’re happy.”
–Trevor Jensen