Whitcher Sets Out on His Own

LOS ANGELES-Clive Whitcher, who 15 years ago introduced the account planning discipline to Chiat/Day on the West Coast, is leaving TBWA Chiat/Day to open his own consultancy here.
Whitcher, who worked primarily on the Nissan account as vice president and account planning director at the Venice, Calif., agency, will form Clive Whitcher Account Planning Consultancy. His first client is likely to be TBWA Chiat/Day’s St. Louis, Mo., office, he said.
“I like to think of [Chiat/Day, New York’s] Jane Newman as the mother of account planning in the U.S., and I’m the father,” joked Whitcher, who brought the British agency discipline to the West Coast to help win the Nissan account.
“I’ve been thinking about this for two or three years,” he said. “So many people call and ask for my advice, it’s time to set up on my own.”
For the last two years, Whitcher had served as international account liaison on Nissan. He focused on adding international business and melding the overseas offices of TBWA and Chiat/Day. Before their merger, the agencies had handled the business separately overseas.
Natalie Morris will fill Whitcher’s spot as international account liaison, according to agency executives.