‘Where’s The Outrage?’

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program last week released a new round of commercials that ask, “Where’s the outrage?”
Created from unused footage of previous anti-smoking ads, six spots seek to put into context the death toll caused by smoking.
In one spot, grainy black-and-white images of an elderly woman on life support are juxtaposed against shots of a 12-year-old girl taking puffs from a cigarette.
“The tobacco industry needs your children,” intones a male voiceover. “It’s an economic imperative. One business cycle winds down [show elderly woman]. Another picks up the slack [show girl]. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business. Minus a conscience. Where’s the outrage?” A super reads: “3,000 kids get hooked every day.”
All the spots are tagged: “It’s time we made smoking history.”
Arnold Communications in Boston created the spots. Creative directors Pete Favat and Rich Herstek worked with art director Josh Blasingame and copywriter Bill Hahn.
The commercials are supported by print executions, billboards and a Web site.
All told, the state allocated $1.2 million for the three-month television run, including the cost of production.
–Judy Warner