What’s Standard in VW Becomes Special

ATLANTA Creativeondemand has launched its second television spot for Volkswagen’s new Beetle convertible.

The 30-second commercial from VW’s Hispanic shop, “Hop In,” aired this week on Spanish-language networks Telemundo, Univision and Mun2. Most of the TV buy is concentrated in daytime and evening news shows.

The ad, an extension of the Miami shop’s branding campaign that broke in February, continues to focus on the little car’s personality. “In the first spot, we sort of owned the elements of the convertible and how you look at things differently when you’re driving one,” said agency partner Priscilla Cortizas.

The agency’s task is to create advertising that distinguishes the Beetle’s standard equipment. In the branding spot, for example, the shop linked a view of the sky with the vehicle’s air bags. The car’s rain sensor, also standard gear, was related to a nearby spray of water.

“Hop In” touts the Beetle’s keyless entry feature, or “entrada sin llave.”
In this execution, a young male driver seen in close-up sits waiting for his friend to descend from an apartment building. As he waits, the camera circles the car. Suddenly, the buddy drops into the passenger seat, performing a keyless entry from above.

Creativeondemand will release other commercials throughout the year, each focusing on a separate feature of the car. It will also handle the Hispanic marketing for VW’s Tourage SUV when it launches this summer.