What’s In A Name?

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ creative team has once again called on agency president Colin Probert to add a little spice and humor to a print campaign.
His name appears in a new ad (shown here) for Hewlett Packard’s new HP DeskJet 1000C Professional Series printer, which appeared this month in business magazines nationwide.
In the ad, “Colin Probert. President” is inscribed on a nameplate affixed to an important-looking door. Attached is a note-printed, it is implied, on the new HP printer-from “Bruce Clifford,” an employee at the fictitious International Consolidators Inc. His bold-faced message to Mr. Probert: “I quit.”
“I can’t believe how many people recognized my name,” said Probert. “We didn’t even get this many calls when I appeared without trousers in a previous ad for Unum.”
Unum Corp., an insurance company, had featured Probert in an ad for disability coverage. He was shown sans pants with the headline, “Sometimes 60 percent coverage just isn’t enough.”
-Jane Irene Kelly