What’re You, A Comedian?

Who says the advertising industry can’t make fun of itself? Ad execs from across Chicagoland are deep in rehearsals for a comedy revue of skits, songs and taped commercial parodies to be performed at an inaugural benefit next month.
Inspired by similar shows put on by lawyers and journalists, Julie Gordon, a senior account executive at Leo Burnett, figured the advertising industry could do the same and do it better.
“We’re producers, actors and writers by trade,” Gordon said. “We should be able to put on a good show.”
Billed as “Brandweek meets Comedy Central,” the show will lampoon aspects of the ad business, with scene titles such as “Creative Dungeon,” “Liar Liar” and

“Moderator from Hell.”
“Nothing is safe,” assures Gordon.
The show, sponsored Chicago Ad Federation, will be performed May 14 at the Park West Theater in Chicago. Proceeds will benefit the Off the Street Club.
–Aaron Baar