Wells Rich/L.A. Gets Blow, But No One Says ‘Cut’ to Shop

LOS ANGELES – Dick Macedo, president Wells Rich Greene BDDP here, said you can count his agency down, but not out, despite the shop’s loss of its only L.A.-based client, MGM, to Foote, Cone & Belding/L.A.
‘We probably have the finest group of movie marketing people here. We’ll keep that team together for some time to take our show on the road,’ Macedo said.
Some 35 staffers based in L.A. worked on the movie studio account, which Wells Rich has had for nine years. The agency’s assignment will end in 90 days.
Macedo said he’s gotten a nod from Wells management to keep the office up and running and the staffers employed while he tries to crack another studio assignment.
Though there’s no predetermined time frame, he said the grace period could last as long as one to two years. The Wells Rich office handles media buying assignments for WRG/N.Y. clients Midas, Sheraton and Hertz, and those staffers will continue to work on those businesses in the meantime.
The agency has not been involved in the review for the $15-20-million Savoy Pictures account, which began just around the same time that the MGM business went into review and is currently in the final stages.
Is it too late for Wells to get an invite into that pitch? ‘I’m sure as hell going to try,’ Macedo said.
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