This Week’s Must-Haves: a Work of Twitter Art

This week’s finds were all about design: From one-of-a-kind Twitter art and Philippe Starck luggage to Jonathan Adler-designed fitness trackers.


Onehundredforty art prints $55

Tired of seeing the same mass-produced art prints on the walls of every apartment? A Stockholm-based group of creatives is on a mission to change that with the launch of Onehundredforty, a new company that uses Twitter to make one-of-a-kind works of art that won't break the bank. Just log into the startup's website, connect with your Twitter account, and select a favorite tweet as inspiration. Onehundredforty will apply various layouts, typefaces and images—there are over 5,000 possible permutations—to create a unique giclée print complete with the artist's handwritten signature. And in order to ensure that no two prints are alike, Onehundredforty allows each tweet to be used only once for any given design combination. 

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Zuzunaga x RS Barcelona Ping-Pong Table $5,900

Upgrade your next game of table tennis with this colorful piece of furniture that also doubles as an actual table. A collaboration between Spanish textile company Zuzunaga and RS Barcelona, it's available exclusively from design site Bezar through June 22.

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Starcktrip by Delsey $220 to $680

Designer Philippe Starck adds some flair to everyday black luggage in this new collection from Delsey. Each architecturally inspired (and completely waterproof) piece is made from stain- and bacteria-resistant fabric that can also protect your electronics from data theft.

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Automatic Car Adapter $99

Your phone, TV and watch are all "smart"—shouldn't your car be, too? Automatic's car adapter plugs into your vehicle's diagnostics port to track distance traveled, gas consumption, the amount of time spent in the car and more, then sends that data to your iPhone. The connected app can deliver information via check engine alerts, remind you of where you parked your car and even contact emergency services if a collision is detected. The latest version of Automatic also syncs up with a suite of third-party apps, so you can have Nest automatically turn on your home's heating system when you leave work or use Concur to expense the miles you drove on a business trip.

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Sengled Pulse LED + Wireless Speakers Starter Pack $169

Talk about multitasking: Each of these LED bulbs features a built-in JBL multichannel stereo speaker, so you can wirelessly stream music and fine-tune your home's lighting right from your iPhone.

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Jonathan Adler + Garmin Vivofit 2 Activity Monitor and Band Set $140

Make getting into shape a little more stylish this summer with Jonathan Adler's vibrant-patterned bands for Garmin Vivofit 2. The water-resistant fitness tracker monitors your activity level, sleep and calories—plus, it has a battery life of over one year.

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