This Week’s Must-Haves: A Wireless Turntable Made for Social Sharing

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a Spotify-connected record player, Samsung's smart new earbuds and a multi-way wearable that can tell when you're getting stressed before you know it. Take a look!


Trntbl, $351

Vinyl records are, by definition, a low-tech medium. But that doesn't mean they can't benefit from a few 21st century bells and whistles, according to the folks at record subscription service Vnyl. The company recently released its first record player, dubbed Trntbl (sense a trend here?), that wirelessly streams high-quality uncompressed audio to Bluetooth speakers, AirPlay-enabled devices or Sonos systems. Trntbl also brings a social component to the analog listening experience by using a Shazam-like technology and Spotify integration to automatically identify any song being played within the streaming service's library, so you can share it with friends or add it to a playlist.

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Molekule Air Purifier, $499

Most air purifiers filter out pollutants. Newcomer Molekule claims to eliminate them completely. The sleek silver device captures airborne allergens, mold, bacteria and other nasty substances, then uses a light-based process called photoelectrochemical oxidation to break them down into harmless elements that are safe to breathe. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you control the unit anywhere from an app on your smartphone.

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Bellabeat Leaf Urban, $139

Bellabeat's newest addition to its lineup of female-centric fitness trackers adds a new twist: It can predict stress before you're actually stressed. The Leaf Urban tracks your daily activity, sleep quality and period cycle to determine when you're likely to start feeling run-down, then helps you through it with meditation and breathing exercises.

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Kartell Front Page Magazine Rack, $299

Get your glossies in order with Kartell's stylish magazine rack. Kartell's Swedish design team Front took its inspiration from the fanned-out pages of a magazine, then recreated it in glossy polycarbonate. The organizer comes in a rainbow of colors, from black (seen here) and white to transparent red and smoky crystal.

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HP Powerup Backpack, $200

We've seen plenty of smartphone-charging bags hit the market, and now HP is taking the concept even further with a backpack that can juice up your laptop, too. The Powerup Backpack has a high-capacity 22,400 mAh battery inside, enough to power most full-size laptops (or recharge your smartphone up to 10 times). A built-in heat sensor monitors the bag's temperature and prevents overheating, while the side-pocket plug-in adds convenience.

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Samsung Gear IconX Headphones, $200

Still using wired headphones to play music from your phone? How 2015. Samsung's new Gear IconX headphones are not only cordless, but they also let you ditch your phone entirely thanks to a built-in music player that holds up to 1,000 songs. The sleek earbuds also double as a fitness tracker with built-in accelerometer and heart rate monitor.

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This story first appeared in the September 5, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.