This Week’s Must-Haves: Vanhawks’ Smart Bike Makes Commuting a Breeze

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a super-smart bike, high-tech earplugs and a shirt that's perfect for your next #TBT. Take a look!


Vanhawks Valour Bike, $1,249

Considering the long list of bells and whistles available for cars these days, the average bicycle remains pretty un-evolved. Vanhawks, a Canadian startup, is hoping to change that with the release of its Bluetooth-connected Valour bike. The carbon fiber frame—available in four sizes and six different color combinations—is packed with high-tech features that promise to make your ride easier, faster and safer. Blind spot sensors alert you to unseen vehicles via handlebar vibration, while built-in LED turn indicators provide directions from the bike's built-in GPS. On the Vanhawks app, you'll find ride stats from distance to calories burned. And the more you ride your bike, the smarter it gets, learning the fastest routes and areas to avoid.

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Hush Earplugs, $150

For anyone who's ever foregone wearing much-needed earplugs for fear of missing an alarm, take note: Hush smart earplugs will let you sleep in peace and wake up on time. These app-connected transmitters provide noise reduction of up to 70 decibels through a combination of physical blocking (via foam or silicone ear tips) and soothing sound playback (choose from rainforest, white noise and more) while making sure that you hear your phone's alarm (or other important alerts of your choosing). Best of all, it won't disturb anyone else in the room.

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AMPware Sport Case, $79

Drained iPhone battery but no electrical outlet in sight? Never fear: With the AMPware case, all it takes to get your device up and running again is a little bit of manual labor. Two minutes of hand cranking will produce enough juice for an emergency call, while a full five minutes will get you an hour of normal use.

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Withings Thermo, $99

When you're dealing with a sick kid, getting him or her to stop squirming long enough for a traditional thermometer to do its job can be a nearly impossible task. Connected-device company Withings aims to make that process a lot easier with its new Thermo thermometer, which can deliver a super-accurate temperature reading by being pressed against a person's temple for just two seconds. Data is automatically synced with the Withings app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so it's easily accessible to track and share with your doctor.

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Neat Widget C USB Microphone, $99

Whether you're recording your weekly podcast, laying down tracks or just Skyping with a friend, the colorful Widget series from Neat Microphones has you covered. Each plug-and-play USB mic boasts 24-bit/96 kHz audio, an integrated internal pop filter and a clever design that'll brighten up any desk.

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Andrew Kuo Logos T-Shirt, $35

Indulge your nostalgia for the early aughts—and attract some confused stares from members of Gen Z—with this T-shirt from artist Andrew Kuo, which features logos from some of our most dearly departed file sharing services.

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