This Week’s Must Haves: a Super-Customizable Sensor That Tracks Pretty Much Anything

Here’s a roundup of must-have items picked by the Adweek staff. This week, we're highlighting a customizable sensor that tracks everything from sleep patterns to steps, a leather pouch inspired by a collection in the American Museum of Natural History, and an Apple watch charging station. Take a look! 

1 Mother $299

"As with your real mother, Mother cares about you and loves you." The tagline for the Mother sensor is admittedly pretty creepy, but if you can get past that, you'll find that Mother is a truly one-of-a-kind home automation device. The system includes a hub, which plugs directly into your router, and four "motion cookies," or connected sensors with built-in accelerometers and thermometers that can be programmed (and reprogrammed) to perform a variety of different functions. Attach a cookie to your front door to receive a smartphone notification whenever someone comes in the house. Slip another under your pillow to track your sleeping patterns and wake you up at the optimal time. Keep one in your pocket to use as a pedometer. Or stick one on a pill bottle to get an alert when you forget to take your medication. All of the data is collected in the Mother "senseboard" app, so you can get an overview of your household's daily activities with a quick glance.

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DODOcase charging stand for Apple Watch $70

The release of the Apple Watch may still be a month away, but third-party companies are already rushing to produce accessories for the device. This charging stand from DODOcase, handcrafted in San Francisco from "reclaimed California orchard walnut" and "American-tanned leather," lets you dock your shiny new toy in style.



BitLock bike lock $119

Start your own bike-share—or just make securing your bike a whole lot easier—with BitLock. The Bluetooth-connected keyless bike lock senses when you're nearby, allowing you to lock or unlock it by just pushing a button, while the BitLock app lets you create permission groups to give others access to your ride. BitLock also records your bike's location via your phone's GPS and has an activity monitor that maps your route, tells you how many calories you burned and estimates the amount of CO2 saved.

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Icecap Wine Chiller + Aerator $35

There's nothing worse than a lukewarm bottle of white wine. (OK, that's not entirely true, but it is pretty unpleasant.) The solution? The Icecap, a device that claims to both chill and aerate your wine in seconds. Store the Icecap in your freezer to activate its cooling coils, and when it's ready for use, just place it on top of any size glass and pour your wine (or other liquid) through the opening to cool it to an optimal 20°F.

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MakerBot Martha Stewart Trellis Collection prints, 99 cents each; filament, $25 and up

You probably know Martha Stewart as reigning queen of domesticity, but it turns out that she's also a big supporter of emerging technology—including 3-D printing. Her company teamed up with MakerBot to create a line of digital templates and custom filaments to make your own Martha-worthy décor at home. The downloadable designs (including coasters, napkin rings and votive holders) and plastic PLA filament (in colors like Jadeite, Robin's Egg and Lemon Drop) were inspired by the "milk glass" of the late 19th century.

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Etsy x American Museum of Natural History Blue-Speckled Leather Pouch $48

For its new partnership with the American Museum of Natural History, online marketplace Etsy invited a group of designers to create a line of limited-edition products—including jewelry, home décor, apparel and more—inspired by the museum's collections. This hand-painted leather pouch, made by designer Jessica Ulrich of Kertis, resembles speckled eggs found in the museum's ornithology collection.

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