This Week’s Must-Haves: An Electric Board That’ll Amp Up Your Golf Game

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting must-have items including an affordable activity tracker, a smart soccer ball and an electric board for your golf game. Take a look!


GolfBoard $6,500

How do you take a sport that many young people think of as mind-numbingly boring and turn it into something exciting? According to the team behind GolfBoard, which includes surfer Laird Hamilton and Bally Total Fitness founder Don Wildman, the answer is to just add some speed. Looking like a tricked-out electric skateboard, the GolfBoard lets players "surf" the fairway at speeds of up to 14 mph, cutting average pace-of-play down to two-and-a-half hours per round. And don't worry about harming delicate turf: With its specially designed tires, the GolfBoard actually does less damage to the course than a fully loaded golf cart.

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Adidas miCoach Smart Ball $200

Give your kid a leg up on the other members of the local soccer team with Adidas' smart ball, which features an integrated sensor that measures performance—including power, spin, strike and trajectory—to provide instant feedback and coaching tips via the miCoach smartphone app.

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Aer Fit Pack $109

Lugging a gym bag to the office can be a real deterrent from working out. The Fit Pack, from San Francisco-based startup Aer, will help lighten your daily load—and get rid of any excuses to avoid the gym—with a streamlined design that integrates separate compartments for your workout gear (including a waterproof shoe bag), your laptop and other office essentials.

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Xiaomi Mi Band $15

Still on the fence about activity trackers? The Mi Band lets you try one out at just a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Despite its low price tag, the Mi Band boasts plenty of features: It tracks your activity, monitors sleep quality, has a built-in vibration alarm, alerts you to incoming phone calls and even lets you unlock your password-protected smartphone with just a swipe. Not bad for the price of three Frappuccinos.

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Babolat Play AeroPro Drive $349

Unleash your inner Rafael Nadal with Babolat's Bluetooth-connected AeroPro Drive, which was the tennis pro's racquet of choice at last month's French Open. Built-in sensors track your shot power, number and types of strokes, the ball's impact location and more, all of which is automatically uploaded to your smartphone. Feeling competitive? Babolat's Play app lets you challenge friends and see how your stats rank within the Babolat community.

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Blast Motion Action Replay $149

Kick your skateboarding videos up a notch with the Blast Motion sensor. It attaches to your waistband or helmet-mounted GoPro to record your acceleration, vertical height, rotation, hang time and more, then automatically overlays those real-time metrics on video footage of your session. The app can even play back your best moves in slow motion or create a highlight reel to share on social media.

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