This Week’s Must-Haves: a Build-Your-Own Gaming Kit That Will Teach You to Code

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting must-have items including a key organizer, a maple laptop stand and a cold-brewed coffee maker. Take a look! 


DIY Gamer Kit (With Arduino) $99

Fancy yourself a bit of a gadget whiz? Prove it with this DIY Gamer Kit from Technology Will Save Us, featuring the Arduino open-source platform. First, you'll assemble the hand-held console (a bit of beginner-level soldering is required). When the Gamer is complete, you'll be able to play a couple of simple built-in games like Snake or Pong—or head over to the company's website to download more and start learning how to create your own. The Gamer also has a buzzer that allows you to add music to your custom games and a wireless infrared linking so you can connect with other Gamers for multiplayer gaming. Suitable for ages 10 and up.

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Declan Pocket Cloth $45

Stop wiping your glasses on the hem of your shirt (you know you do it) and grab one of Declan's pocket squares instead. They're made from a twill microfiber fabric that feels like silk but is also an effective lens and screen cleaner. Plus, it looks undeniably natty poking out of your jacket pocket.

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KeySmart $20 and up

Replace your jangling mess of keys with the KeySmart organizer. The Swiss Army Knife-inspired gadget can hold up to 100 keys and comes with a loop that attaches to your car keys. For even more functionality, KeySmart also sells add-ons like a USB flash drive, bottle opener and pocket clip.

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Grovemade Maple Laptop Stand $119 and Keyboard Tray $99

Upgrade your office setup with Grovemade's laptop stand and keyboard tray. Made from maple (shown here) or walnut, the curved stand is lined with vegetable-tanned leather to ensure that your laptop doesn't get any scratches, while the tray is designed to hold an Apple wireless keyboard and includes a hidden storage compartment that stores batteries, pens, business cards and more.

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Cold Bruer $75

Iced coffee season is finally here—but as any self-respecting coffee aficionado knows, that doesn't mean you should just brew a pot and stick it in the fridge. Instead, use the Cold Bruer to make yourself some slow-drip, cold-brewed coffee. It's not exactly a speedy process—20 ounces of coffee takes about four hours to brew—but the resulting liquid will be infinitely tastier than a cup of joe with some ice cubes thrown in.

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Dodocase Virtual Reality Cardboard Toolkit $25

Not quite ready to shell out $350 for an Oculus Rift? Test the virtual reality waters at a fraction of the price with this cardboard version from Dodocase. The low-tech headset, which was designed around the Google Cardboard VR blueprint, takes about 10 minutes to assemble and is compatible with all smartphone models. When you insert your mobile device, the headset's integrated NFC sticker will automatically launch the Dodocase VR app.

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